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Dr. Maina Kava featured in – Wonderful women for International Day of Women and Girls in Science 2022

Jodi Mann and Dr Maina Kava

Clinical Nurse and Paediatric Neurologist, PCH

Jodi Mann, Clinical Nurse and clinical trials coordinator for the neuromuscular service at Perth Children’s Hospital and Dr Maina Kava, Paediatric Neurologist and clinical lead for the neuromuscular service, are a dynamic duo within the neurology department at PCH. They have done enormous work in establishing international best standard management programmes for children and families with neuromuscular disorders, especially spinal muscular atrophy. Their work on clinical trials is also offering hope to families caring for children with neurological conditions. Jodi and Maina say that looking after children with neurological impairment is extremely rewarding and challenging at the same time.

“The little gains they make in their development bring us joy and happiness. “Our patients help bring out the best in us, so we can try and bring out the best in them.” 

– Jodi Mann and Dr Maina Kava


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